Any plan for the eBook version of EPI Python?


Dear the authors,

Do you have any plan to release an ebook version of EPI Python (e.g., on Google Play Books)? It would be much more convenient because I can reference the eBook anywhere even when traveling on the air. I bought the EPI C++ on Google Play Books and am very satisfied with it, and I passed the Google internship coding interview with it, and now I am trying to learn more about Python.



Hi @ducalpha,

We don’t have a python ebook - we’ve had trouble with the ebook at Google Play, e.g., they strip links. We’re looking at a better solution, e.g., kindle true copy, but that’s still a little ways away.
So we decided to stick with physical book for Python now. Please let us know if you have any problem.


Is plan for a pdf? It much more easier to annotate.


Hi @abhigenie92,

Sorry that we still don’t have plan for that.