High time a proper PDF version is released


Dear authors, recently there was a Kindle version released. Needless to say, it only made people more disappointed. Clearly, there’s a PDF version that can be made available. The sample PDF is the evidence . It’s beautiful and is exactly what is sufficient. I say sufficient because although most books have fantastic Kindle and other ebook format support, I’ve completely no hope on that front with EPI.

I purchased the Google Play Books version which I found out much later on that it is not the latest. The problem numbers are all mixed up compared to what’s there in the EPIJudge. The physical book in my country is hopeless with pathetic paper quality and out of date content.

So at least, please, make a proper PDF version available if a functioning Kindle version cannot come out. I’m sure with the plethora of books already sold and with the abundant interview prep materials and website already available, it’s the best time to reduce some friction.