Location for review problems?


Hi there, just bought the Java book and it mentions in the first chapter review problems “If you need a data structure and algorithms refresher, take a look at the EPI website, which includes a collection of review problems that will get you ready for EPI more quickly that a textbook would”

Does anyone know where they are located or are they not available anymore? Thanks

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Probably here: http://elementsofprogramminginterviews.com/2015/04/01/2015-04-01-warming-up/ which you can navigate to from the homepage and “Tags” up top-> Exercises -> Warming Up. I found the Pass the Technical Interview with Java on https://refer.codecademy.com/creence to be a much more comprehensive review of basic data structures and algorithms in Java even if there is not a 100% same mapping of the data structures and naming conventions to EPI. (I think I got a free 7 day trial when I signed up.)