Python ebook available?


Is there a plan to release the python version as an ebook?


Hi @ainurak,

We don’t have a python ebook - we’ve had trouble with the ebook at Google Play, e.g., they strip links. We’re looking at a better solution, e.g., kindle true copy, but that’s still a little ways away.

We are moving to a more interactive experience, specifically we’re going to be adding many directed tests for each program, generating program skeletons, feel that will really help people learn.

Please let us know if you have any problem.


Any update on the python ebook?

I’m from India and Amazon says paperback version would take 25 days to deliver! I can’t wait that long. So, I would love to buy an ebook


Hi @niffler92,

Sorry that we did not plan to release any ebook on Python now still.


Are you reconsidering releasing an ebook? It is much easier to carry around and read out of and would be much appreciated.